Marketing Solutions for Retail

Turn your foot traffic into a digital acquisition channel

Tapping Into Foot Traffic

Accessing your "owned" digital audience.

WiFi is one of the most requested shopper amenities, and helps retailers leverage this as a marketing channel. WiFi is large addressable audience in store that provides a personalized experience to connect with each shopper. provides a powerful marketing tool to engage shoppers in store and nurture those relationships once they leave. Later, re-engage shoppers using email, text, and social advertising to drive repeat visits and recurring income.

Each connected shopper is served a personalized, thoughtful experience with engaging content each time they use their mobile devices on-site, while growing a powerful database. Leverage this data to increase sales and digtial programs by being able to provide key insights on actual shoppers and their behaviors.

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  • Guest WiFi Network on Property
  • Desire to Market to Your Shoppers
  • Existing Marketing Programs

Effortless Success

Easy flow for you and your shoppers.

No behavior changes

No app to install

No special hardware

Drive Revenue

Onsite offers and personalized engagement

Identify shoppers and obtain promotable permission to market to them.

Send discounts, offers and content to shoppers onsite and after they leave.

Increase revenue using omnichannel strategies from WiFi, Text and Messaging.

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Improve Visitor Experience

Personalized on-site engagement that fits the moment

Provide a world class guest experience worthy of your brand.

Promote loyalty with VIP WiFi experiences for repeat shoppers or loyalty members.

Boost mobile app downloads to enhance in-store experience.

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Boost Marketing Initiatives

The most valuable marketing audience is right there under your nose

Automatically build your email list by capturing emails and social followers directly into your CRM system.

Learn more about the "ghost shoppers" that are not yet in your CRM.

Enhance social media outreach, by using cards to get followers on Instagram, Snapchat and other social actions.

Automated surveys to gather valuable data on shoppers in real-time.

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