Onsite Marketing
for Hospitality

Turn visitors into guests and guests into loyalty members.

Converting Foot Traffic

Turning visitors to loyal guests

WiFi is one of the most requested guest amenities. Properties are suspending the pay-for-WiFi model as WiFi has changed from a luxury to a necessity. SocialSign.in helps properties leverage WiFi as a marketing channel to drive revenue, replace lost revenue from pay-for-WiFi, build relationships with visitors, and enhance social media efforts.

For corporate franchises, SocialSign.in offers a unique service and product suite to increase franchisee revenue, provide a standard premier experience across their collections of brands to increase brand awareness, gather valuable data on the guests across all chain locations, and accelerate loyalty program signups.

Our proprietary technology accelerates customer loyalty member acquisition, email programs, mobile app adoption, and F&B revenues. Connecting visitors are served personalized and engaging content every time they use their mobile devices on-site, while adding new CRM entries to your exisiting integrated systems.

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  • Guest WiFi Network on Property
  • Desire to Market to Your Visitors
  • Existing Marketing Programs

Effortless Success

Easy flow for you and your visitors.

No behavior changes

No app to install

No special hardware

Drive Revenue

Promote property amenities and services to guests on-site.

Send info, offers, discounts, and coupons to guests while onsite.

Drive traffic to sponsors and vendors using card-based advertising units.

Own your audience and obtain promotable permission to market to them.

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Improve Visitor Experience

Personalized, Multilingual Touch-Point

Gain insights on customer behaviors using surveys cards and automated forms.

Stay on brand with a content management system to deploy cards across all properties.

Keep your visitors informed about services, amenities, and offers.

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Augment current marketing initiatives

Valuable funnel for program acqusition

Create new, contextually pinpointed digital inventory.

Centralize your database for gathering and managing visitor data.

Improve ongoing engagement via email, text or social retargeting.

Hundreds of new data points per visit.

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